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Atheists of Utah (AOU) is an independent, democratically run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


To promote the separation of church and state, defend science education, normalize atheism,

and empower and encourage a secular social community.​

Atheists of Utah was incorporated in 2001 with the mission to provide educational forums open to the public and dissemination of materials pertaining to atheism, church/state separation issues in the United States, non-theistic morals and ethics, and establishing a community of atheists. We continuously strive to be the largest secular organization in the state of Utah, measured by memberships, funding, and community outreach.

We have a healthy obsession with providing humanistic service. We also strive to provide a community for those of us who may have lost other communities due to being openly atheist. We feel it is extremely important that everyone have a safe place for conversations which may be considered risky in daily social interactions, so we offer opportunities to do so on a regular basis.

  • Defend and promote the separation of church and state

  • Promote public policy and education based on the best scientific evidence available

  • Educate the public about non-theists and church-state separation

  • Empower Utah’s secular community through education, outreach, and activism

  • Support and encourage a secular social community

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