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There are many ways to keep in touch with Atheists of Utah - check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup accounts.

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Atheists of Utah hosts numerous events throughout the year where you can meet like-minded folks. Our Facebook page and Meetup groups are great places to keep up to date with events as they are scheduled.

Coffee Chats

We currently host two coffee chats, in Ogden and Salt Lake.

Speaker Events

Learn something new from local activists, politicians, educators, authors, and scientists.

Good Without God - Volunteering

Our "Good Without God" volunteer events provide an opportunity to give back to the community.

Family Events

Kids of all ages are welcome at our family-friendly events.

Great Atheist Campout

Explore our beautiful state with like-minded campers. 

Calendar Of Events

Throughout the year, we have many fun and educational events.

The Atheist Agenda

Find out what's on the agenda in our newsletter. Each issue will include the latest happenings, Good Without God volunteer events, and other important information delivered right to your inbox!

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