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Meet the AOU board members


My name is Steve. I grew up in Cache Valley, Utah. I never identified with a specific denomination of religion growing up and my family has never been overly religious, but they would often define themselves as “basically Christian.” A few of them would attend a non-denominational church on occasion, say a blessing before a meal on major holidays, and read a few pages from the bible on Christmas. Religion never really resonated with me and I always had an odd feeling about it, but it didn’t click that I am a non-believer until my 20s when I took the time to research, reflect, and discover what I believe and why.

  I am passionate about art and music, and I have been a band leader/lead singer/lead guitar player for local bands Out of Anger and Neon Pink. Health and physical fitness are also important to me and I am a certified personal trainer. I work as a records clerk and 911 dispatcher at a police department.

I would really like to be involved in making the world a better place, and I don’t believe we need religion or belief in a god to do so. I want to spread support for critical thinking and raise awareness for the dangers that religion can cause/bring. 

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