Meet the AOU board members

Tiffany Hudson
Tiffany Hudson


A member of Atheists of Utah since late 2010, Tiffany is currently serving as president for Atheists of Utah in her second term on the board. She has served as Events Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, and most recently as Volunteer Coordinator after her first term ended in 2015. After being raised Episcopal in small towns in Oklahoma and Wyoming, Tiffany was welcomed as a questioning agnostic to the group shortly after her divorce and found her tribe and sense of belonging. Now technically identifying as an agnostic atheist, but claiming the simple label of "atheist", Tiffany works to ensure Atheists of Utah is a welcoming place for all non-theists and to encourage a secular social community where everyone can experience that sense of welcome and place she gained when joining the organization. She also strives to uphold the mission of Atheists of Utah to educate on, defend, and promote the separation of church and state in a state where that separation is rarely upheld.


Tiffany is a public librarian with the enviable job, which she loves, of buying all of the DVDs and music for the library system. She has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Classical Civilizations, and a Master’s degree in Library Science. She enjoys concerts, plays, dancing, hiking, reading, film, TV, and is an unabashed geek for all things superhero and supernatural. Tiffany received a life-saving kidney transplant in 2015 for which she thanks science, the doctors, nurses, caregivers, friends, and family who have cared for her (both physically and emotionally). She strives to make every day worthwhile and amazing because she knows there is no other time besides now.