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Meet the AOU board members

Jerry Garcia


I was born of goodly parents in Los Angeles and spent much of my formative years in Redondo Beach until I moved to Miami at the age of 16. Spent 12 years in the Air Force and was able to see much of the world. I said goodbye to all the fun deployments in 2011. I moved to Utah in 2014, became an atheist in 2015, and found this lovely group sometime between then and now. I play guitar in a kick ass hard rock band, Out Of Anger, and I LOVE food. Cooking, eating, and learning about food is what keeps my relationship to my wife, Meagan, strong. 

If you ever want to know more about me just ask and I'll spill it all. 

I hope to help build a community for non-believers. A place where they can feel safe and share their story without fear of condemnation. Many come away from a religion with a built in support group but lose that support the moment it's known they've lost their faith. I see no reason we can't be just as strong, caring, and supportive. And no crucifixion necessary.

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